Saturday, April 25, 2015


Dear Katie,

Congratulations for scoring a job offer on your first interview.  You do know that is atypical.  I waited two years before I secured a full time position.  However, after you discussed with me your interview and demo lesson while you were waiting for the call the other night, I dialed your grandfather.  I told him, "Your granddaughter is going to be offered the job tomorrow".  (Although I did not let that on to you b/c I didn't want you upset if I was wrong)

Part of the reason was that the school was moving through the process so quickly.  They would only do that if they knew they had a good one and didn't want you to get away.

The second thing is you are a good one.

Teaching in a summer program in an urban city and writing a weekly column for a regional newspaper looks good on any resume.  You are an independent thinker, willing to take risks, tenacious, friendly, and organized.  I am sure that your cooperating teachers and college professors who gave you references noticed that as well.

My sister and brother-in-law did a great job in raising you and your brother and it is an honor to call you two my niece and nephew.

As I offered my advice through this blog and face to face on all topics about teaching during your undergrad years, I will continue to be there for you whenever you need me.

A chapter of your life is about to end in college and new chapter about to be written.  Detail it with many good stories and memories of a teacher who cared that the students she taught "got it".

And when that chapter concludes many pages from now, you will find it to be more valuable than any compensation you received.

All the best,

Your Proud Uncle Kevin

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