Saturday, April 19, 2014

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"All my originals ideas are borrowed ideas infused with my creativity & style."

Dear Katie,

As you sift through the deluge of educational opinion and advice on the Internet (including my own), here are some blog posts that I believe deliver practical ideas and/or sound advice from voices other than my own.  Enjoy!


My assistant principal recently participated in a "Mystery Location" call.  Great idea from a teacher in Lambertville, NJ, @pottsedtech in developing students critical thinking and questioning skills.


Great post about encouraging creative thought in your child.  It is one of the main reasons I often use simulations in my history classes, through play, students begin to think through and research real-life solutions.  Out of a dream and play real innovations are made.  And who knows, maybe @zachsnow's kid does create the hoverboard.


I appreciated this reminder that great teachers, as they near the finish line of their careers, don't pull up and coast across.  A great teacher is a great teacher because they recognize there is always room for growth (It also silences the argument that once teacher's get tenure they do nothing). @mrsday75 all give you some ideas she took away from her trip visiting another middle school.  She would agree with one of my principal's most often spoken phrases, "How Do You Know They Know It?".

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