Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eduvox 1.4


"All my originals ideas are borrowed ideas infused with my creativity & style."

Dear Katie,

As you sift through the deluge of educational opinion and advice on the Internet (including my own), here are some blog posts that I believe deliver practical ideas and/or sound advice from voices other than my own.  Enjoy!


There is more to school than education.  It is a community.  @Fearless_teach reminds us of that in her blog post.


Have you ever wondered what kids are thinking in class?  Do you want to give a voice to the kid who may be afraid to speak out his/her opinion?  Have you ever heard of back channeling?  @mcairan3 describes it for you and gives a link to a great graphic to help you out.


Google puts out a lot of good product for teachers to use.  I would like to move to a paperless classroom, and Google Forms is a great way to accomplish that (besides, I think it will allow me to regain a day of my life every year since I won't be stranded in the copier room fixing a jam) @gephillip gives a great idea of embedding video into a Google Form on which students can enter their notes.

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