Sunday, April 6, 2014

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"All my originals ideas are borrowed ideas infused with my creativity & style."

Dear Katie,

As you sift through the deluge of educational opinion and advice on the Internet (including my own), here are some blog posts that I believe deliver practical ideas and/or sound advice from voices other than my own.  Enjoy!


Ideas from a music teacher, but rich thoughts for a teacher in other subjects as well.  I appreciate the ideas of seeing your students in different settings than your own classroom along with allowing them to lead the class rather than just follow the class.

The once "honored" profession of teaching gets a bad rap lately. As if expecting compensation for our labor somehow reveals greed; that somehow there is "logic" behind the belief that if teachers really cared about kids like we say we do, we should volunteer our services.  @sjsbates reminds me that truth defends itself, and tells stories that demonstrates that teacher's love for their students last long beyond their time in our classroom.  When the "Negative Nellies" attack, dwell on the rewards you received from your students.


Have you heard of a flipped classroom?  The idea is that students watch your lecture for homework and then can use class time for discussion or an activity. @ddemarest21 gives a practical, step by step guide on how to set up a flipped classroom.


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