Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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"All my originals ideas are borrowed ideas infused with my creativity & style."

Dear Katie,

As you sift through the deluge of educational opinion and advice on the Internet (including my own), here are some blog posts that I believe deliver practical ideas and/or sound advice from voices other than my own.  Enjoy!
Can an introvert be a good teacher?  Great question!  @travisphelps80 thinks they can, and so do I (said the introvert)

Always have said a good teacher is part of a team filled with peers and students.  Wished I would have written this post, maybe a future one will have "steal" ideas from it. @jkloczko also adds some youtube clips to enhance her points.

Are we willing to ask a student for forgiveness? I seems many in leadership can not admit it when they did something wrong, as if power would be sapped from them by using the words, "I'm sorry", I think that attitude displays weakness @mrsday75 displays true power, by asking for forgiveness from a student, its also the right thing to do. Trust me, as a teacher, you'll have that "lose it" experience.  How will you respond?           


Enjoy Reading!

Uncle Kevin

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