Sunday, March 30, 2014

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"All my originals ideas are borrowed ideas infused with my creativity & style."

Dear Katie,

As you sift through the deluge of educational opinion and advice on the Internet (including my own), here are some blog posts that I believe deliver practical ideas and/or sound advice from voices other than my own.  Enjoy!

My favorite blog post from my vice-principal in Chester.  Although Brad Currie (@bcurrie5) is more known in education for his Saturday morning twitter chat #satchat and has expertise in the use of social media impact on schools, this post is about how not to use email/memos and why you should approach someone if you have an issue with them. Not only true for teaching, but for life. Cleverly written from the perspective of a memo. 

Katie, it is a LIE that older teachers have run out of ideas or are just looking to retire and that younger teachers are more enthusiastic and have fresh, new ideas and should be the ones you follow.  Your mentor should not be the teacher who just received tenure a year or two ago, but a true veteran who can deliver guidance from their wealth of successes and failures.   

This is a blog post from @nkellogg who I just started to follow on Twitter.  Its the initial post he made to his blog and is a wonderful reminder that experience matters.

You know I love using games in my classroom as a motivational tool.  @mrmatera blogged about some wonderful games he has incorporated into his classroom (He also addressed ideas on gamifying the classroom, if you do not know what this is, delve deeper into his blog).  Think I'm going to try a few of these out myself.

Uncle Kevin

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