Saturday, April 13, 2013

Education--The New Growth Industry

Have you bought stock in Pearson Education?  Maybe you should, because with 40 or so states taking part in the PARCC assessments that will be created by Pearson, your tax dollars are going to be flowing into their coffers like never before.

I'm not an expert with all the facts, but lets just simply think through the costs:

Testing is to begin in kindergarten and take place three times a year.  In my state, a child will go from being tested 9 times in their public school experience to THIRTY NINE, 4 times greater than what they have now (and when I began teaching in my state, I believe there were only 3 times students were faced with a state test, all others were local choice such as the Iowa Tests I used to take).

Where is your school going to get the money?

In order to read the responses on short answers or essays, they are going to need to employ more evaluators or pay their current evaluators for more hours (remember, its going to be four times the work)

Where is your school going to get the money?

Tests are going to be taken online.  Do your schools have a computer to accommodate every student taking the test?  Can their servers handle it? Can the testing providers servers handle it?

Where is your school going to get the money?

Already schools are buying workbooks and online test prep sites to prepare the students for the tests.  I wonder who are creating these workbooks and sites?

Where is your school going to get the money?

When have you ever heard anyone one said, "Wow, if it wasn't for those standardized tests in school, I don't know if I ever would have succeeded in my career"?

It's funny how the anti-corporate Democrats don't seem to mind all these tax dollars flowing to a private corporation.

Funny how anti-regulation, pro-local authority Republicans don't mind the extra regulations and usurpation of local school board control.

If you think testing is all about children growing intellectually and teacher evaluation, think again.

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