Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paperless Quiz-Socrative App

Over the summer I was able to attend some iPad seminars with a co-worker.  As our presenter discussed some of the apps available for educational uses, I turned to my colleague and said, "Smart clickers and Smartboards have just become obsolete." 

One of the apps the made me say that was this one called Socrative.  It allows the teacher to create a quiz that students take digitally on an iPad, iPhone, or computer.  There is an app for the teacher and a separate app for the student.  After the quiz is created, the teacher informs the student of the "room number" on Socrative, the students then take the quiz.  After it is finished, the teacher can receive the student's answers for each question through email.

The huge positive for me was the ease of use.  The interface to create the quiz was self explanatory.  The students had no problems navigating the program.  After they completed the quiz, I had the scores emailed to me, and now I can enter it into Powerschool (the program our school uses for online grading).  It will be the first assessment in over 20 years of teaching that will know no paper.

In comparison to the Smart clickers, there isn't much to set up.  If each student has a digital device and the app installed, you are good to go.  The Smart clickers have receivers to plug in, programs to open.  The ones our school has you enter text as you would on a cell phone pre-smartphone bogging the class down and taking up classtime.

The one problem is that once you answer a question, it's gone.  I learned that after the first class and informed subsequent classes to read the questions and choices carefully.  Although this was ok for a quick four question reading check, I don't know if I would feel comfortable with using this method for a test of 30-40 questions where students couldn't review their work.

As time goes on, I will be using this to check for understanding of concepts "on the fly".  Socrative allows me to type in a question during a lesson and the students will answer it in seconds allowing me to check for understanding.

Socrative=positive experience.  Definitely recommend!

A friend on Facebook asked my thoughts are in the comments

If each student has an iPad out to use during these quizzes, can't they just cheat 

and go on the web and look up the answers?

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