Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Wife's Independent Streak

The other night my daughter was running a fever and my wife sliced the tip of her finger nearly off while dicing a sweet potato.  After applying first aid (and eating dinner) she decided to go to the ER to see if it needed stitches.  I hope what I say next doesn’t make me sound like a horrible husband, but I told her with two kids (one with the fever), it would be better for her to drive herself with the bandaged finger to the hospital while I stayed home, and she did just that.  I was comfortable not going with her because one of the things I have come to love about my wife is the independent streak that makes up her character.

Her independent streak has allowed me to pursue an advanced degree, spend weeks in the summer working with kids at camp, take overnight trips without her.  I never worried about her being uncomfortable without me being around.

Her independent streak allowed her to pursue her dream to be a Physician Assistant (for those who don’t know, her job falls between a nurse and a doctor) .  I came along in the middle of her pursuit, and our marriage didn’t stop her from obtaining what she wanted (nor was I going to be a husband who denied her of that).

Her independent streak allows her to stand up and tell me when she thinks I’m doing something wrong or I am using poor judgement.

Her independent streak allows her to hold on to beliefs that are hers, and will not allow her to be swayed when political parties, the news media, and/or entertainment worlds tell her the views she should hold on to "as a woman".

Her independent streak allowed her to break through the barriers preventing her from fulfilling her dream of being a mother as she vigorously researched and completed form after form in order for us to be blessed with the adoption of our two wonderful daughters (I just did what she told me needed to be done on my end.  She was the driver of the “adoption express” and I was a passenger enjoying the ride, and the destination).

But the thing that I love most about her independent streak is this....

I know her love for me is not manipulated or coerced.

She chose to freely love me.

And that’s why I love her independent streak!

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