Thursday, November 22, 2012


Providence, Providence, See it laying down the cornerstone
The Hand of Providence - it's evident, For we could never make it on our own
Apportioning the power, Weighing all that it entails, Giving us the fulcrum, And a balance to the scales

Oh, the Hand of Providence
Is guiding us through choices that we make
Oh, the Hand of Providence
Is reaching out to help us on our way

-Michael W. Smith (Hand of Providence, 1988)

In George Washington's original Thanksgiving proclamation, he declares:

"(God's) favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war (Revolution)."  

Providence is God's intervention in the daily affairs of people.

God's Providence is what I'm most thankful for this and every thanksgiving.

God's Providence placed me in a loving family, whom I often questioned their decisions that seemed draconian at the time, that now as an adult can appreciate how it shaped me into the man I am today.

God's Providence led me to meet my loving wife who with each passing year, I come to understand more clearly she was the one that was most compatible with me and worth the wait.  I truly married my best friend.

God's Providence showed us another way to birth a family and led us to two wonderful birthmothers who gave us the gift of our daughters.  And God's Providence has allowed me to hear the sweetest word come out of the mouths of my daughters, "Daddy".

God's Providence guided me, despite my awkwardness and feeling uncomfortable in new situations, to discover a great group of loyal friends, be it from high school, college, Connecticut, or back again to NJ.

God's Providence brought me into contact with a tremendous amount of awesome kids that have bought into my style of teaching and has allowed me to enjoy my time with them and I have delighted in coming to know the unique personalities that enter my classroom each year.

God's Providence was forgiving to this lazy student (I believe 20+ years later I can finally confirm for my father what he knew all along) who saw The King's College library as a social hangout and was rarely preparing for his future career and only focused on present realities, to some how land a teaching position and then supply ample perseverance to work hard to develop the skills needed to survive in the profession.

God's Providence was the reason I had faith that I could get up an leave my original teaching position at Christian Heritage School in Connecticut without any job prospects in order for my wife to fulfill her dream to attend medical school in New Jersey and become a Physician Assistant.  I was confident that God would provide a job.

And God's Providence had a job as a computer teacher in a middle school in Chester waiting for me that quickly turned into the history position I now have and thoroughly enjoy.

God's Providence also led me to some difficult moments and seasons of my life, that He used to mold and shape my character.

God's Providence always seems to direct me to what I need.

God's Providence is what Thanksgiving is all about for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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