Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Wave of Energy

The biggest difference between teaching in High School and Middle School is this:

High School kids can think more in the abstract, you can play devil's advocate, say outlandish things, and eventually you'll provoke thought and response to your statement that can last a whole class period.

Middle School kids are full of a never ending amount of energy.

I was reminded of this yesterday when leaving the faculty lunchroom.  Our door opens up on to the same hallway the kids use to come inside from recess.

I refer to them coming back in as THE WAVE.

If you exit the lunchroom just as the kids are beginning to come in, it will feel like you are surfing on the crest of a wave and the energy from behind of 100+ kids are pushing you through the hallways to your classroom.

If you exit the lunchroom at the end of THE WAVE you will see the energy and force up ahead as it pounds the shores the 7th grade hallway.

If you happen to exit in the MIDDLE of THE WAVE...BEWARE!  The full force of their energy will reverberate in your ears or push you from side to side as they bump you in the tight hallway.

You will turn the corner to your classroom, and kids will be at their locker and their friends huddled around them creating a RIPTIDE feeling.  You see the door of your classroom only 50 feet away but it will take a lot of work if you want to walk straight to it.  Walking side to side is the only safe way.

Bodysufring, teaching, yea, not much difference.

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