Friday, August 10, 2012

What to Get the Teacher Who Has Everything

OK, I don't have everything, but every so often my non-teaching friends will ask me, "What do I get my kid's teacher for a gift."  Remember, everything I say here is from me, other teachers may think differently.

First- I didn't become a teacher for the little gifts I receive at the end of the year.  They are always appreciated but never necessary.

Second- Don't look to spend a lot of money.  Gift cards are nice.   My favorites are to Barnes and Noble and Dunkin Donuts.  Even in $5 denominations, they add up quickly.

Third-  Go in with other parents (especially when you are in the upper grades when you have multiple teachers).  About ten years ago, my homeroom gave me a baseball bat bag filled with wiffleballs and bats and then signed their names in fabric ink on the bag.  Still have that bag and think of the kids when I see their names.

Fourth- Only give to the teachers that you appreciate.  I had a parent stiff me many years ago, I wasn't upset, I thought the parent was irrational the whole year and wasn't expecting anything.  I heard my colleagues got something cool from the parent.  I wasn't jealous.

Lastly- Homemade gifts.  Even just a note from a student that says thank you is more than enough for me.  Again, I didn't become a teacher for the little gifts at the end of the year, but when you read a note from a child expressing their thanks for a job well done and sharing how they enjoyed spending the previous year with you...there cannot be a monetary amount placed on that.

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