Friday, August 10, 2012

Posterous--iPad App

I completed the seminars dealing with iPad use in the classroom.  The presenter presented (just realized how dumb that statement is, as if you didn't know what a presenter does) many practical apps that would benefit instruction as well as creative apps student's could use to present information they are learning.

One such app I want to attempt to use in my classroom is Posterous.  The best thing is it is free.

My principal is always asking us, "How do you know they know?" (whatever the objective is for the day).  He encourages us to use exit slips, but for someone who is organizationally challenged as I am, increasing my paper load by 100+ everyday can become unmanageable.

Posterous can solve my problems.  I can post a question about the day's lesson on Posterous and then have students respond to my the question on my site.  The question would be like a status update on Facebook and the responses would be the comments of others.  In this way all I would have to do to answer my principle's question is scroll down a computer page rather than read over 100 scraps of paper.

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