Friday, August 24, 2012

Does Anyone Like the End of a Vacation?

I have seen this cartoon on some friends Facebook accounts recently.  Some are teachers, others not.  I have heard people complain when teachers complain about having to go back to work.  

"You just had two months off, so shut your mouth."

Does anyone like the end of a vacation?  If you have two months or two days off, everyone complains about having to go to work. 

It's why most people don't like Mondays either.

Over the years I have had students ask me, "Do you like going to work in the morning?"

Being honest I say, "If I had my way, I would rather be at home with my family, and not here with you."

"So you don't like being a teacher?", is the quick retort back.

"I never said that.  What I said is that I would rather be with the family I love, or hanging out with good friends.  Wouldn't you?  The problem is I don't have unlimited wealth to do that for the rest of my life, so I have to work.  If I could have been any profession in the world I would have chosen professional baseball player.  Becoming my second choice isn't that bad."

Are there slackers in the teaching profession?  Absolutely.  Are there teachers who have maintained their position by "kissing up" to the right people?  Yup!  What profession doesn't have those people?  Most teachers I know, even the ones in the last quarter of their careers, continue to push themselves to seek new ways to reach their students.  They are artists who are always honing their craft.  They love their jobs.

But it doesn't mean they like seeing their vacation coming to an end, who does?
(And to be honest, most teachers I know work on plans and ideas for their classroom over the summer anyhow)

As for me, as July comes to an end and August begins, I usually develop an itch to get back to the classroom.  My wife can confirm this to be true.  I love my job!

(And I have to admit, since having children and being Mr. Mom while my wife works in the summer, that desire has only intensified.  Raising children is hard work, the school year becomes my vacation)

I begin spending time back at my school getting my classroom ready.  I spend time preparing handouts and running them off.  I research new ideas to implement.

So in less than two weeks I will begin my 3rd decade as a teacher.  It wont be easy beginning my mornings at 5am again and I probably will complain, but it's not because I'm a teacher,  it's because I'm human.

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